Reverberate: US media & marketing news you need to know - YouTube paywall push, Periscope's piracy potential & Rob Lowe DirecTV ad pulled

Morning all, here’s a glimpse at all the media and marketing news you should know today.

1.Uber has released footage of its Canadian breathalyzer scheme designed to get drunk drivers home. Adweek reports that the device was placed on the curbside and ordered Ubers for anyone over the limit.

2.Amazon has launched the Echo smart speaker which enables consumers to control their home lighting, notes Time. The internet of things enabled device can also “turn on the fan or heater while reading in your favorite chair, or dim the lights from the couch”.

3.YouTube’s soon-to-launch ad free subscription based service is enabling creators to put their content behind a premium paywall, according to the Verge. The service is expected to cost $10 monthly.

4.A DirecTV ad featuring Rob Lowe has been canned after Comcast raised issues with the legitimacy of some of the claims to the National Advertising Division (NAD), states the Washington Post. The firm allegedly made unquantifiable claims about customer service and reliability.

5. Disney and Apple are reportedly clashing over how many of the animation giant’s channels should be packaged with Apple TV. According to MacRumours, Disney is pushing for Apple to take the majority of its channels in what will ultimately inflate the service’s price.

6. Adweek has expressed its concern that live streaming apps such as Meerkat and Periscope will make it easier than ever to spoil shows like Game of Thrones. It stated that Twitter will be proactive in removing illicit content from Periscope.

7. Advertising legend, satirist and comedian Stan Freberg died at the age of 88, earlier this week, notes Adage. The copywriter was often referred to as “the father of the funny commercial”.

8.AT&T has been ordered to pay up $25m over a social security number breach at one of its call centers. The New York Times reports that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the punishment on Wednesday.

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