DJI releases Phantom 3 drone capable of live-streaming to YouTube

DJI has launched a new generation of affordable drones capable of live-streaming video content to YouTube.

The Phantom 3 quadcopters, and similar live-streaming drones, could change the way footage is shot at live-events and on closed sets.

The Chinese firm’s Phantom 3 Professional costs $1,259 (£842) but for the price can shoot 4K footage at 30 frames per second. The craft however are capable of live-streaming to YouTube at the lower resolution of 720p.

A DJI spokesperson told the BBC: “The platform has a downward-facing camera that creates a 3D map of the ground underneath it in real-time, and identifies key vectors in that map and notices if there's any movement of those vectors, so it automatically adjusts itself to hold a position.

"In addition, it's got two ultrasonic sensors that provide very accurate information about how far it is off the ground, which allows it to hover a lot more accurately, fly closer to the ground without having the platform bump up and down, and more importantly it lets you take off and land easily and securely with the touch of a button."

Drone-captured footage is becoming more and more utilised as the technology becomes more widely available, in September being used to unveil the foundations of Apple’s ‘spaceship’ headquarters.