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Edward Snowden explains how government has access to naked pictures on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight


By Minda Smiley, Reporter

April 6, 2015 | 2 min read

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden discussed how the US government can get a hold of personal naked photos while being interviewed as a special guest for John Oliver’s HBO series ‘Last Week Tonight.’

Snowden told Oliver that naked pictures aren’t seen as a big deal in the culture of NSA because they are seen all of the time.

He said: “The good news is that there's no program named the 'dick pic' program. The bad news is they are still collecting everybody's information, including your dick pics.”

He explained that if your e-mail is hosted on a server overseas or is transferred overseas or crosses over US borders at any time, these private pictures can end up in the databases of government surveillance programs.

Oliver said that if the American people understood this, they would be horrified.

Yet in terms of whether or not Americans should stop sending these photos, Snowden commented that people shouldn’t change their behavior because a government agency is doing the wrong thing.

John Oliver Edward Snowden NSA

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