By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

April 1, 2015 | 3 min read

ChildLine has initiated an online campaign to help young people deal with the harmful effects of pornography, launching an animated mini-series to appeal to, entertain and inform kids.

F.A.P.Z (Fight Against Porn Zombies) is a series of four animated shorts created to discuss pornography with young people on the back of ChildLine research stating that a tenth of 12 to 13 year olds are "addicted" to internet pornography. This saw the same number of children state that they have either been exposed to forms of pornographic images online, or in some cases even taken part in making explicit videos.

The F.A.P.Z team features the characters professor Ophelia Balls, Jack Sofalot, Faye Cummings and Drew Peacock who are tasked with stopping kids from “brainwashing” themselves with porn, adding that frequent viewing could turn them into mindless porn zombies.

Peter Liver of ChildLine, said: “Access to porn has increased amongst young people and exposure is starting younger. With this campaign we aim to open up a dialogue with young people about the impact online porn can have on their wellbeing and the effect it can have on the way they think and behave in real life, while highlighting the vast difference between sex in the real world and fantasies portrayed in porn.

“With the help of Livity’s youth insight and creative flair we hope to help young people understand the potentially harmful impact of watching porn and too make more informed choices by removing the embarrassment and shame associated with discussing issues around porn.”

Callum McGeoch, creative director of Livity, added: “This is a subject matter that demands to be handled sensitively. To find the right strategy, media channels, talent, visual idiom and language we worked closely with young people every step of the way - a process we call youth-centred design.

“Our young collaborators guided us to a funny, fictional yet relatable world where scenarios could be played out by animated characters voiced by some of the biggest young stars of YouTube. I think we've created a series that encourages critical thinking, busts some myths and entertains as it provokes self-reflection, leveraging teens' acute fear of embarrassment as both a powerful lever of behaviour change and a rich source of humour.”

McGeoch concluded: “We’re very lucky that ChildLine recognises that modern complex challenges require modern innovative thinking and are brave and forward-thinking enough to give it a go.”

The shorts were created and delivered by youth marketing agency Livity – with OMD UK tasked with media planning and buying.

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