Chip Shop Awards 'sneak peek at the week' featuring Virgin Media, One Direction, Specsavers & more

We all know the advertising industry is chock-full of creative talent but, sadly, a lot of work ends up being compromised on the long journey to launch day and that's where the Chip Shop Awards comes in.

The Chip Shop Awards is all about creativity without limits, celebrating amazing ideas, unsullied by mediocre clients, bad account handlers and persnickety lawyers. Inevitably resulting in ideas that surprise, shock, offend and delight.

The Chip Shops aren't about the ads you’ve done - it’s about the ads you really wish you’d done.

Check out our recent submissions in our new 2015 categories. Can you do better? Enter today.

Entered in: Best use of a celebrity

Entered in: Best political ad

Entered in: Best use of an alternative media space

Entered in: Best work for a brand you haven’t a hope in hell of winning

Entered in: Best use of a celebrity

Entered in: Best ad without a visual

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