By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

April 1, 2015 | 2 min read

Amazon has launched a series of Internet of Things enabled brand buttons which can be used to replenish household essentials with the simple click of a button

The e-commerce giant’s Wi-Fi enabled ‘Dash’ buttons send brand-specific item delivery requests to users’ smartphones or tablets where the transaction can be processed.

Using Internet of Things technology, the buttons (which are not an April Fools’ prank) can help Prime subscribers keep on top of the daily slog of ensuring they are fully stocked with essential items such as washing powder and cosmetics.

At the moment Tide, Gillette and Olay are on board for the scheme.

With the buttons physically planted around the household, consumers have the convenience of re-ordering items almost without any effort on their part. On the other hand, brands could benefit from greater consumer loyalty if the brand specific Dash buttons attain a sizeable household uptake.

A major benefit of the scheme is that with Prime Now's one hour deliveries in four US cities, shoppers could have their stocks refilled shortly after the button is pressed.

This comes after the firm announced an expansion into ‘Home Services’ on Monday looking to serve as a tradesman middleman for consumers - somewhat stepping on the toes of Yelp and Craigslist which already perform this process to an extent.

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