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Starbucks and Danone partner to push smoothies in 4,300 US outlets

Coffee franchise Starbucks is primed to start selling an exclusive smoothie line as part of a partnership with dairy chain Danone.

The agreement will see Starbucks distribute, in a third of its US outlets, yoghurt parfaits and other dairy products, according to Reuters.

The firm looks to push its food sales now it has a solid grip on the hot drinks market. It will sell smoothies made mixing its ‘Evolution Fresh’ juices with Danone Greek yoghurt at outlets in Washington State, Oregon, Alaska, Northern California and Idaho.

Sixteen ounce smoothies will be priced at $5.95, coming in three flavours, although customers personalise their drinks with protein power or kale

The news comes during a transitional time for the chain, which on the digital front is piloting coffee delivery services and on the physical front, experimenting with upping its food offering, in the UK bringing fine food and alcohol to its Stansted Airport store as part of its Evenings Programme.