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McCann London: Shreddies 'Nana State'

Brand: Shreddies

Title(s): Nana State

Agency: McCann London

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Rob Doubal, Laurence Thomson

Creative Director: John Hurst

Art Director: Gary Todd, August Segerholm, Peter Browse

Copywriter: Kate Pozzi, Alastair McVeigh, Charlie Bowden, Joe Koprowski

Additional Credits: Head of Art: Michael Thomason

Account Manager: Eloise Edington

Account Director: Laura Weightman

Managing Partner: Daniel Taylor

Planner: Philippa Dunjay

Head of Integrated Production: Sergio Lopez

Director: Max Fisher

Production Company: Generator Films

Producer: Claire Hopkins

Post Production: Craft London, James Selby & The Mill

Media Planning: Zenith

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale: In the run-up to the General Election, the Shreddies Knitting Nanas are not going to tackle taxes, national debt or immigration. They’re setting out to help mend the little things that really affect the lives of Britons, day to day. Ranging from oversharing Facebook friends to commuters eating smelly food on the train and the hubby who leaves the loo seat up. All the things that real Nanas would have something to say about. Shreddies have empowered The Nana State to lobby for a nicer nation on your behalf.

The campaign is formed of two halves; in the first stage our Nanas are listening – asking for people to submit their little gripes. Nanas will be on the road and online, finding little problems that they can help fix. Armed with this information and a rallying cry, the campaign launches with an online film, amplified through Shreddies’ social media channels, targeted out of home, and on pack.

During the campaign, the Nanas will even turn their social channels over to the public, allowing their fans to share their gripes, tag or @, and the Nanas will lobby individuals to get them to change their ways. By giving a voice to the people, Nanas will make sure this is a truly democratic experience. To bring this to life, the Nanas will even go out to surprise members of the public, and lobby them to change their naughty ways.

BBH London: Disney UK, England Rugby & Marriot Hotels International 'Star Wars: The Rugby Alliance'

Brand: Disney UK, England Rugby, Marriot Hotels International

Title(s): Marriott London 7s – Star Wars: The Rugby Alliance

Agency: BBH, London – Black Sheep Studios

Agency website:

Creative Director: Anthony Austin

Art Director: Black Sheep Studios

Copywriter: Black Sheep Studios

Photographer: Adam Hinton

Additional credits: Disneymedia+

Director: Anthony Austin

Producer: Adam Farley

DOP: Marcus Domleo

Editor: Jack Williams

VFX supervisor: Duncan McWilliam

VFX: Outpost VFX

Grade: Julien Biard @ Finish

Sound Design: Dan Beckwith @ Factory

Music: Warner Chappell/Williams

Published: March 2015

Short rationale (optional): Marriott London 7s – Star Wars: The Rugby Alliance

England Rugby and Disney UK have joined forces to create a national advertising campaign to promote this year’s galactic-themed Marriott London Sevens taking place at Twickenham on the 16th and 17th May.

The campaign includes a television ad featuring Star Wars characters facing up to the England Sevens team, print and social media, digital and PR to promote the galactic themed weekend of exciting sevens rugby.

BrandOpus: MOMA 'Redesign'

Brand: MOMA

Title(s): Redesign

Agency: BrandOpus

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Paul Taylor

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale: BrandOpus has worked with MOMA, the home of the best grab-and-go breakfasts, to redesign their brand identity and packaging. The brief was to drive meaning and personality into the MOMA identity and create an ownable and distinctive packaging design, devised to support range extension and to allow the brand to achieve its exciting plans for growth. The new identity and packaging will launch in early April.

In response to the brief, BrandOpus have developed the identity to convey the idea of a fulfilling journey. From MOMA’s early beginnings under railway arches in Deptford, to a pitch in Waterloo station, the identity captures the journey of both the brand and the busy urban commuter.

The bright, punchy colours that make the brand distinctive have been built upon to reflect the vibrancy of MOMA, whilst aiding navigation across the wide range of flavours at the shelf.

Ogilvy Sydney: KFC Australia 'Chase the Taste'

Brand: KFC Australia

Title(s): Chase the Taste

Agency: Ogilvy Sydney

Agency website:

Creative Director: Shaun Branagan

Art Director: Wellison D’Assuncao

Copywriter: Scott Mortimer

Additional Credits: Peter Hackforth

Senior Planner: Waqas Tahir

Account Director: Brad Ure

Senior Account Manager: Jessica Standfield

Production Company - One 20:

Director: Jason Wingrove

Producer: Alan Robinson

Post Production: The Editors

Media - MediaCom

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale: Ogilvy Sydney, part of STW Group, has launched its latest campaign for KFC, exploring the theme of customers who are prepared to travel far and wide to ‘Chase the Taste’ of its famous chicken.

Running from this week, the campaign will promote four separate product offerings along with the overarching ‘Chase the Taste’ creative theme, which incorporates Vance Joy’s track ‘Mess is mine’ throughout.

It will be executed across TV (FTA, Pay and VOD), digital, OOH and KFC social touch points. The first ‘Chase the Taste’ TVC will run as a 45 and 30-second thematic, followed by a 15-second retail spot advertising KFC’s new Zinger Family range. The campaign will also run an execution advertising KFC’s $1 chips, billed as ‘Australia’s Best Tasting Chips’.

18 Feet & Rising: Allianz 'Stories'

Brand: Allianz

Title(s): Stories

Agency: 18 Feet & Rising

Agency website:

Creative: Oli O’Neill, Behrad Taherparvar

Additional Credits: Producer: Victoria Dashwood- Quick

Account Director: Adrienne Little

Account Manager: Tom Fraser

Strategic Business Lead: Rob Ward

Production Company: Moxie

Director: Errol Morris

Producer: Julie Ahlberg

Editor: Jinx Godfrey

Production Manager: Charlie Henderson


Post Production: Nineteen Twenty

Sound Design: Sam Ashwell @ 750mph

Colourist: TBC

Media buying agency: Mediacom

PR: Ogilvy PR London

Social: Gravity Thinking

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale: “The campaign line, ’Every story is unique, we insure yours’ isn’t just about the technical side of our business, it’s about the emotional side too. We want to show our audience how it feels and what it’s like, because we feel it too,” said Allianz Brand Marketing Manager, Nick Dudman.

The campaign will focus on the unique stories behind the things we insure. Allianz decided to begin this campaign with car insurance and the line: ‘Every car has a story. We insure yours.’

This first iteration in the Stories campaign is called: Quality Time. This advert tells the story of a father and daughter who make an emotional connection whilst in the family car. When in the car, the father asks the daughter how her singing lessons are going and the daughter, to her father’s delight, responds by singing Culture Clubs Karma Chameleon. The father then joins in and we see a beautiful moment between the father and daughter. A unique story.

Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town: Volkswagen 'Small But Ferocious'

Brand: Volkswagen

Title: Small But Ferocious

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Cape Town, South Africa

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Gotz

Art Director: Matthew Pullen

Copywriter: Dean Paradise

Retoucher: Gavin Haywood

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale (optional): TSI is a technology that can be found in a select range of Volkswagen vehicles. It offers powerful performance with excellent fuel economy and low emissions, all from a compact engine – making it ‘Small but ferocious’.

To communicate this, Ogilvy South Africa created a few of its own small but ferocious creatures, including a Humboon, a Bearrel and a Bumbletiger.

101: Scottish Widows 'Change your life in an hour'

Brand: Scottish Widows

Title(s): Change your life in an hour

Agency: 101

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Richard Flintham

Creative Director: Simon Schmitt

Creative: Tim Donald, Misha Newby, Grey Stekelman

Designer: Tanya Holbrook, Jim Ward, Matt Bryce

Additional Credits: Agency Film Producer: Alex Nicholson

Agency Digital Producer: Chris Binks

Agency Print Producer: Peter Llewendon

Group Business Leader: Ross Farquhar

Strategist: Sandie Dilger

Account Director: Paul Diamond

Account Manager: Charlotte Kent

Account Manager: Sam Boyston

Media Agency: MEC

Strategy Director: Richard Bradford

Communications Director: James Wilkins

Business Director: Sandra LemaTrillo

Employer Agency: The Union

Account Director: Emma Campbell

Film & Photography Production: Wanda/Webber Represents

Directors & Photographers : Damien & Leila de Blinkk

Director: Josh Appignanesi

Producer: Bonnie Anthony

Editing: Cut & Run

Post-Production: Unit & MPC

Digital Production: Realise

Project Manager: Louise Branscomb

Lead Developer: Joe McDowall

Development team: Bee Flaherty, Ross Angus, Chris Tryc& Oliver Haley

User Experience Consultants: Rod Marshall, DeaKacorri & Seema Jain

Senior Account Manager: Jamie Murray

Group Account Director: Vicky Stewart

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale: In the year of the biggest reforms to pensions in a generation, Lloyds Banking Group’s Scottish Widows has launched a new online platform that invites the public to ‘Change your Life in an Hour’, promoting it heavily with an integrated campaign timed to coincide with the changes.

Inspired by the notion that big things often have small beginnings, ‘Change Your Life in an Hour’ tackles the hardest part of planning for later life – making a start. The idea was originated by 101 and developed in partnership with MEC, Realise and The Union.

Launching with nationwide outdoor and press, as well as a series of promoted online films centred on the stories of three people whose lives were dramatically changed by a seemingly small moment or decision, the campaign began on 16 March 2015.

The campaign continues the refresh of the brand that began in 2014, featuring latest Scottish Widow Amber Martinez and capturing the stories of real people, this year as they prompt us to reappraise retirement as a time for opportunity and new beginnings and shine a light on how having a plan can leave us with the peace of mind to pursue personal passions.

AMV BBDO: Department for Transport 'Mobiles'

Brand: Department for Transport

Title(s): Mobiles

Agency: AMV BBDO

Agency website:

Creative Director: Steve Jones, Martin Loraine

Creative: Antony Nelson, Mike Sutherland

Additional Credits: Agency Planner: Tom White, Pippa Morris

Agency Account Man: Katie Stanley, Lou Woolf, Bobbie Gannon, Nancy Fuller

Art Producer: Jaki Jo Hannan

Media Agency: Carat

Media Planner: Carat

Photographer: Adam Hinton

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale: With a predicted 500,000 people offending each day, mobile use whilst driving is a widespread issue. Couple this with the fact that research shows using a mobile can slow reaction times by up to 50%, it is also a life threatening one. Department for Transport and AMV drew upon this statistic to create a series of print executions highlighting the fact that ‘You can’t concentrate on the road and your mobile phone’.

The trilogy of work from AMV BBDO, shows content that you would typically view on a phone (a selfie, a holiday snap and a football game) and splices an image of oncoming traffic behind it. The viewer takes in the stronger photo before registering the road behind, mirroring the behaviour of looking at your phone whilst driving. The takeout is clear, you cannot concentrate on both things at once and not paying attention to the road can be deadly.

Brothers and Sisters: Sky 'Sky Go Mix ‘n’ Match'

Brand: Sky

Title(s): Sky Go Mix ‘n’ Match

Agency: Brothers and Sisters

Agency website:

Creative Director: Brothers and Sisters

Art Director: Brothers and Sisters

Copywriter: Brothers and Sisters

Media Agency: Mediacom

Media Planner: Mediacom

Production Company: Stink

Director: Vaughan Arnell

Editor: Vid Price

Post Production: Framestore

Soundtrack Composer: Nick Rapaccioli

Audio Post Production: Wave, Parv Third

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale: Idris Elba takes on a host of new roles, as we see him improvising scenes as different characters from some of the most popular entertainment shows available on Sky Go.

This next installment of Sky’s TV products advertisements, created by Brothers and Sisters, sees Elba act from inside a row of tablet devices. The top half of his body is mixed and matched like a flip book with scenes from a number of different entertainment shows as he reacts accordingly – playing a medley of characters from Khaleesi in Game of Thrones to Family Guy’s Peter Griffin.

In a bespoke film for VOD we also see Elba donning stilettos for Scandal and throwing some dance moves for Britain’s Got Talent.

Brand & Deliver: Lorton 'Lorton Brand Identity'

Brand: Lorton

Title(s): Lorton Brand Identity

Agency: Brand & Deliver, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Ben Gallop

Design Director: Rob Pratt

Graphic Designer: Tyler Berry

Motion Graphics: Nick Wood

Sound Design: Joel Evenden

Published: March 2015

Short rationale (optional): Brand & Deliver has created a complete brand identity system for Lorton Entertainment, one of London’s premier film and entertainment financing companies which funded and distributed the recent British hit Hello Carter.

The new identity encompasses a family of related brands and assets across all mediums plus an inaugural animated ident for the company’s filmed entertainment releases. The identity’s flexibility allows multiple opportunities to display cinematic imagery without complicating the photographic assets or losing the impact of the brand.

999 Design: Royal Scottish National Orchestra 'Celebrating 125 Years of Scotland's National Orchestra'

Brand: Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Title: Celebrating 125 Years of Scotland's National Orchestra

Agency: 999 Design, Glasgow, Scotland

Agency website:

Senior Designer: Paul Humphreys

Copywriter: Catherine Watson

Logo Design: The Union

Additional Credits: Music Director: Peter Oundjian

Principal Guest Conductor: Thomas Søndergård

Conductor Laureate: Neeme Järvi

Conductors: Emeriti, Alexander Lazarev, Walter Weller

Music Director: Stéphane Denève

Music: Juliet from Prokofiev's Romeo And Juliet Ballet Suite, recorded by the RSNO and Neeme Järvi for the Chandos label.

Published: March 2015

Short rationale: With the incredible musical talent of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) on 999’s doorstep, the agency was tasked with creating a launch animation that would celebrate the return of the orchestra’s artistic team to Scotland over the next two years.

The vibrancy of their refreshed branding and new logo (developed by The Union) is reflected in the colourful paint splashes weaving around footage of six conductors in action. In a nod to the dance theme planned for the new season, the animation was synced to a light-hearted extract from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.

The video took centre stage at the media launch in the Glasgow Concert Halls on the 17th March and the RSNO is delighted with such a special anniversary gift from their 'creative neighbours'.

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam: Desperados 'Way of the Desperados'

Brand: Desperados

Title(s): Way of the Desperados

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy

Creative Director: Joseph Burrin, Sean Condon

Art Director: Ignasi Tudela (Print, Digital), Sebastien Partika (TVC)

Copywriter: Ebba Hult (Print), Edouard Olhagaray (TVC)

Additional Credits: Head of Broadcast Production: Joe Togneri

Broadcast Producer: Javier Perroud

Director of Interactive Production: Kelsie Van Deman

Interactive Producer: Arnaud Ronquillo

Planner: Martin Weigel

Group Account Director: Jordi Pont

Account Director: Courtney Trull

Account Manager: Luke Purdy

Senior Designer: Malia Killings (Print, Digital)

Typeface: Ignasi Tudela

Designer: Philip Cronerud, Zeynep Orbay (Print, Digital)

Art Buyer: Maud Klarenbeek

Retoucher: Dario Fusnecher

Project Manager: Emma Williamson, Saskia van Zwieten

Business Affairs: Kacey Kelley

Production Company: Division Paris

Director: Helmi

Director of Photography: Nicolas Loir

Executive Producer: Jules De Chateleux

Producer: Christelle Tastet

Editing Company: Home Digital Pictures

Editor: Adriana Legay

Audio Post: Wave Amsterdam

Sound Designer/Mixer: Randall Macdonald, Ed Downham

Music Company: MassiveMusic (Where is my trophy) – Barney Quinton (He Did What) – Walter Mecca/Weirdata (Turn Down the Silence / Ride the Wind / Product Films)

Post Production: Mathematic

Flame: Fred Brandon, Clement Germain

2D: Ruben Sellem, Fred Venet

Telecine: Fred Brandon

CG Supervisor: Yann Aldabe

Artistic Director: Julien Michel

Producer: Guillaume Marien

Production Company: RESN

GIF Designer: Cari Vander Yacht, Erik Blad, RESN

Product Photography: Qui Yang

Lifestyle Photography: Cheryl Dunn

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale: Desperados revealed Way of the Desperados, a new global brand tonality and visual language that celebrates confidence, effortless attitude and a spirit of playfulness – just like the Desperados drinker and the tequila flavoured beer itself.

Inspired by the bottle, colours, name, taste and spontaneity of the product, the brand’s new creative strategy launches with a global integrated campaign that dares a generation to break out of normal town, live by their own rules and embrace the Way of the Desperados.

Created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the new brand refresh and campaign is a colourful bombardment brought to life with print, out-of-home, TV, digital activity and a full re-branding across point of sale and merchandise.

A bespoke Way of the Desperados typographic language and over 80 hand-drawn print headlines were developed to be used across all campaign executions, with the print giving an artistic nod to haphazard punk-band posters and block party flyers. The product prints are an explosion of Desperados’ bright primary colours, while the campaign’s lifestyle ads, centred on Cheryl Dunn’s street-style black and white photography, celebrate unconventional people being comfortable in their own skin.

Seven bite size 15-second films for TV and online bring the print to life in a mixture of footage, animation and text that encourage viewers to Ride The Wind or Turn Down the Silence. Online, the Way of the Desperados identity and campaign is communicated with a crazy language of shareable GIFs and animations, which will be used across the brand’s social channels, and populate the campaign’s online platform -

Afterhours: Purearth 'Branding and Packaging'

Brand: Purearth

Title: Branding and Packaging

Agency: Afterhours, London, England, UK

Agency website:

Designers: Kelly Bennett, Moyra Casey, Chris McDonald

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Organic juice brand Purearth enlisted Afterhours to renew their brand strategy and execution.

The new identity elevates the bottle tags from a functional packaging feature to a core brand asset, as the tag becomes a vehicle which delivers the creative hook that the juices are a ‘gift from the earth’.

St Luke’s: Mecca Bingo 'Friends that play together, stay together'

Brand: Mecca Bingo

Title(s): Friends that play together, stay together

Agency: St Luke’s

Agency website:

Creative Director: Al Young

Creative: Mick Brigdale

Additional Credits: Planner: Dan Hulse

Business Lead: Neil Henderson

Account Director: Dominique Morgan

Media agency: MEC

Production Company: Picasso

Director: James Boty

Music production: Goldstein Music

Music track: Specially composed

Audio post-production: Jungle Studios

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale: The new campaign, entitled ‘Friends that play together, stay together’, positions Mecca Bingo as an authentic gaming brand with a big heart, bringing friends old and new together for a fun, relaxed time.

The multi-million pound integrated campaign launches on 26th March and will run across both traditional and digital media. The new campaign is set in an animated world and features a group of four busy friends coming together through the world of Mecca Bingo. The campaign shows that friends can enjoy a fun relaxed game of bingo and connect with each 0ther socially either online or in one of the many Mecca Bingo Clubs.

The campaign will live under Mecca Bingo’s existing strapline ‘Come and play at our house’ and will continue to leverage their heritage whilst investing in a multi-channel future.

Designwerk: UK Sport 'Every Road to Rio'

Brand: UK Sport

Title(s): Every Road to Rio

Agency: Designwerk, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Scott Wilson

Art Director: Lewis Wright

Photographer: Tom Shaw

Director: Will Cope

DOP: Simon Berry

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale: We were commissioned by UK Sport to create an integrated media campaign for their Road to Rio initiative, which is aimed at creating awareness for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic qualifying events in the UK, and promoting ticket sales for them.

The campaign, called Every Road to Rio promotes the authentic everyday lives of athletes, with a strong call to action ‘WE NEED YOU’. The campaign deliverables include a digital and print asset toolkit and guidelines, which will be shared with commercial partners for use across all digital and social media, as well as traditional/online advertising, radio, and event application.

Some of the top UK athletes hoping for medals at the Rio Games were specially photographed and filmed for the various elements of the campaign. The Promotional Video will be extensively deployed by UK Sport across all digital and online channels.

180 Amsterdam: Moyee Coffee 'Under the Influence'

Brand: Moyee Coffee

Title(s): Under the Influence

Agency: 180 Amsterdam

Agency website:

President & Chief Creative Officer: Al Moseley

Creative Director: Martin Beswick

Art Director: Stephane Lecoq

Junior Art Director: Ingmar Larsen

Junior Copywriter: Ben Langeveld

Additional Credits: Account Team: Dan Colgan

Producer: Claire Ford

Assistant Producer: Davide Janssen

Strategy Team: Paul Chauvin, Vincent Johnson

Production: Director: Tobias Pekelharing

Executive Producer: Daphne Story

Editor: Fiona Fuchs

Post Production Company: MPC Amsterdam

Audio Post Production Company: Wave Amsterdam

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale: The bold campaign, conceived by creative agency 180 Amsterdam, has a simple premise: take a broad spectrum of Amsterdam’s cannabis smokers, invite them to taste-test Moyee coffee, and, while under the influence, document their eloquent and surprising responses.

The result is a two-minute film, appropriately titled ‘Under the Influence’, which includes a glamorous older woman stating: “I equate coffee drinking with sex. And a horse.” and a young ‘hipster’ man, describing Moyee coffee as, “Round. Not triangular. But definitely wavy.” The film was shot in an interview style, using real people, by 180 Amsterdam, who is working with Moyee to build its FairChain brand through radical and provocative activations.

The strategy behind the campaign was to create something uniquely Dutch and provocative, that demonstrated the great taste of Moyee and its ideological agenda, whilst avoiding the usual clichés that surround taste tests. With over 150 legal ‘coffee shops’ in Amsterdam, the agency and brand agreed that it was a great opportunity to utilise the powerful effects of cannabis as a way to celebrate great tasting coffee. And a good way to put Amsterdam on the map for its coffee – not just its cannabis.

Gyro: Marshalls 'Paving to be Proud of'

Brand: Marshalls

Title: Paving to be Proud of

Agency: Gyro, Manchester, UK

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Peter Davis

Art Directors: Adam McGowan, Matthew Crosby

Copywriters: Michael Herbert, Bill Davies

Photographer: Tim Ainsworth

Published: March 2015

Publicis Conseil: Unicef 'H2O challenge'

Brand: Unicef

Title: H2O challenge

Agency website:

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil

Creative Director: Cédric Gueret

Art Director: Cédric Auzannet

Copywriter: Martin Rocaboy

Assistant Art Director: Thomas Martinet

Additional Credits: Project Managers: Caroline Darmon, Maxime de Marco, Elodie Orosco

Social Media Influence Director: Catherine Ertzscheid

Senior Data Scientist : Siddharta Chatterjee

Account Director France: Béatrice Heinrich

Technical Project Manager: Philippe Lecocq

Developer: Christian Bazabas / Prodigious

Published: March 2015

Space: Coral 'CheltenHAM Festival'

The CheltenHAM Champion Hurdle from Space on Vimeo.

Brand: Coral

Title(s): CheltenHAM Festival

Agency: Space, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Mat O'Brien

Art Director: Stu Minshaw

Copywriter: Rob Syme

Illustrator: Chris Collett

Photographer: Kode Media / Jamie Maxwell

Published: March 2015

Short rationale (optional): The Coral CheltenHAM Festival! A fun version of each Cheltenham Festival race of the day staged with adorable micro pigs, seeded in advance of each day’s action.

Coral wanted to engage online racing fans and a wider, passive audience during the Cheltenham Festival. Our aim was to create sharable, irreverent fun content that would get people talking, sharing and also betting.

The content needed to be sharable. We all know that cute animals have that viral x-factor. But we also knew that this wouldn’t be enough to get traction. We set out to create a surreal world where micro-pig racing could be a competitive, tangible event. We took into consideration how to build the campaign by utilising all of Coral’s social channels. We also gave a lot of thought to how we could make the content interactive by offering the community the opportunity to place fun bets on our pigs to win actual bets for the real races of the festival.

No matter how disruptive online content can be, we knew we had to work harder to build anticipation and engagement.

With Coral ‘CheltenHAM’ we landed an original, interactive campaign and also a content seeding structure that would keep the public hooked.

At Space we always work collaboratively to ensure we generate the best possible thinking and this campaign is a great example of that. A large portion of the agency was involved in the ideation sessions that lead to the final concept. And during production, once again, it was all hands on deck, from writing the scripts, designing sets, to directing and even hand sewing micro racing silks! Our ethos of collaboration is one that we extend to clients. Coral were so enthused with our campaign and way of working that they gave us access to their own commentators. We also worked with a great production team, set builders and a very understanding micro-pig handler who ensured the little guys were comfortable and hungry for victory.

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