By John McCarthy, Opinion editor

March 26, 2015 | 2 min read

David Hyman, the former chief executive of Beats, has launched the beta of an app which lets users judge musical performances uploaded to the platform.

The ‘Chosen’ app, which aims to replicate the runaway success of talent shows such as the X-Factor, American Idol and the Voice, was founded to give users the ability to participate in the judging of performances.

Following the app recently receiving $6.5m in funding to progress beyond beta, Chosen is looking to subvert the talent show genre by providing fans an interactive, gamified experience.

On the app, Hyman said: “About one billion people watch performers on television around the world. Our vision was to reimagine that genre as a mobile game.

“The real innovation is turning spectators into participating judges competing to show their expertise in music. The net result could be a global scalable talent filter.”

Additionally, the service has two dimensions, where users can participate as performers and judges.

To date DCM, Rhodium Capital, Fosun and CrunchFund have funded the app, with Rio Carraeff, drawing from his experience as former president and chief executive of Vevo, to guide the app through the development stages.

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