Ryanair to offer transatlantic flights for as low as $15

Ryanair plans to offer flights between the US and Europe, for as low as $15 each way.

The low-cost European airline said that flights would be available between 14 European cities and 14 American cities.

“European consumers want lower-cost travel to the USA and the same for Americans coming to Europe. We see it as a logical development in the European market,” the airline said in a statement.

If the plan succeeds, if would secure Ryanair's reputation of the lowest-cost international airline.

However, it could take as long as half a decade for the first transatlantic flight to lift-off.

First, Ryanair needs to secure an aircraft that can manage the long trip. The company said that they are already in talks with manufacturers about purchasing such a carrier.

In order for this venture to succeed, Ryanair needs to attract both economical travellers, and a higher-paying business clientele.

Earlier this month, the airline announced that it was hoping to establish itself as a digital innovator.

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