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BBQ Buzzword: Sean Foster, chief executive of CrowdTap

Welcome to The Drum's Buzzword BBQ, where media commentator Paul McEntee speaks to some of the marketing luminaries attending this year's South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin. During each interview he will discuss the major trends and fascinating things to be found at the festival with senior marketing attendees and ask them to choose a buzzword being used widely at the festival to burn onto a succulent piece of steak so they can literally eat their words.

For the first of this year's BBQ Buzzwords, where a prominent member of the marketing industry barbecues and eats their own SXSW Buzzword, CrowdTap chief executive, Sean Foster chooses the word 'Humans'.

Foster explains that rather than conversation being driven by the Internet of Things he believes it should be about the Internet of People and connecting people.

Foster also discusses how he sees the relationship with consumers changing through technology and how that affects brand marketers and what else he would like to see come out of the festival.

Having chosen his buzzword and explained the reason why, Foster is then treated to delicious piece of Beef Brisket as he eats his own words.

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