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Shop Direct builds ‘fully personalised’ homepage


By John Glenday, Reporter

March 13, 2015 | 2 min read

Fashion conscious shoppers browsing are being promised a unique experience after parent company Shop Direct makes strives toward a fully personalised online shopping experience.

The latest milestone on the road to this dream comes in the form of a personalised homepage at the fashion brand, enabling returning customers to view favourite lines and styles at a glance without the need to wade through unsuitable attire.

Specific customers can also be targeted with customised promotions and offers to maximise the retailers sales, efforts which it estimates have added £5m to its top line in the current financial year.

Alex Baldock, chief executive of Shop Direct, said: “We know that relevance wins in retail and right now customers are drowning in a sea of irrelevant choices. We’re making it easier for them to shop by tailoring our websites for them. This is the digital equivalent of Selfridges laying out their Oxford Street store for each shopper.”

“We’ve set ourselves an ambitious target to build the world’s best personalised shopping experience – this is a major step towards that goal.”

Shop Direct claims that its software can build up to 1.2m different iterations of the same site, a figure which is set to rise to 3.5m by year’s end amidst further refinement of a complex behind the scenes algorithm, which chews through browsing and purchase history to build a unique picture of individuals.

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