Non-dairy Kefir culture probiotic drink Rhythm launches with BrandOpus

Rhythm, a non-dairy Kefir culture probiotic drink, has engaged BrandOpus to create the branding and packaging for the range which is now on sale in Wholefoods Market, As Nature Intended and Holland & Barrett.

Unlike the majority of probiotic drinks the Kefir probiotic cultures in Rhythm are naturally harvested through fermentation and contain 85 per cent more good bacteria.

“We launched Rhythm because we were frustrated with the lack of dairy free alternatives to traditional probiotic drinks, and also the fact that there were simply no natural multi strain probiotics on the market. Not only that but coconut is the ingredient du jour and we are already seeing incredible growth in the short time since launch,” commented Amanda Hamilton, nutrition director at Rhythm (also TV nutritionist, broadcaster and author).

BrandOpus worked closely with the client to develop the brand using a flowing typeface within the identity to indicate the natural inner rhythm the product offers.

Hamilton said the brand identity and packaging devised by BrandOpus “helps us to stand out on shelf, adding that the development of “new aspects of the range” was already underway for summer 2015.