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Honeypot Children’s Charity enlists Rapp for 'Mother's Day, Everyday' to raise awareness of youth carers

Honeypot Children’s Charity has launched the ‘Mother's Day Everyday’ campaign to highlight what young carers go through when looking after a loved one with a chronic or terminal illness.

The campaign, designed by Rapp UK, uses Mother's Day to contrast the warmth of the day to the everyday pressures of being a young carer. The Twitter campaign will run with the hashtag #MothersDayEveryday, before, during and after the big day on Sunday 15 March.

Victoria Coltman, Honeypot’s corporate partnerships manager, said: “For lots of children Mother’s Day is a fun one-off event. However, many young carers have to juggle school and looking after a loved one throughout their childhood.

“Some of the children we support will have been in a caring role from as young as five years old, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.”

Jon Leney, creative director at Rapp UK, added: “Honeypot does a fantastic job supporting children who care for their parents. We want everyone to hear about them and to make sure all young carers know where to go for help.”

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the work of Honeypot Children’s Charity in a bid to give young carers another chance at having a childhood.