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Charles Barkley explains why he won't be joining Twitter anytime soon

Twitter is a "mean spirited place" stated basketball legend Charles Barkley during his keynote interview on the first day of SXSW.

The Turner Sports analyst, known for his straight talking put it bluntly that he would never use Twitter because "You don't want to give a bunch of losers power when they are just going to take shots at you."

The charismatic joker added: "Being famous is like being the Homecoming Queen - all the ugly girls hate you," and added that he felt strongly that social, and Twitter in particular, was merely a hunting ground for bullies.

"Half of people are going to disagree with you anyway so there really is no point in creating a platform for name calling - or certainly one he would want to associated with," he added.

The topic of the interview was 'How to remain relevant in today's digital age?' but it seemed clear that stalwarts like Barkely had no need for the influence or reach of social.

Commenting on the talk was David Parkinson, head of digital for Africa, Middle East & India for Nissan Motor Corporation who said: "Charles made some great points and in his position he is lucky enough to have a strong enough voice in traditional so that others actually amplify him in social anyway. He can ignore the negative comments but unfortunately many brands cannot."

Clearly a self-contented man with absolutely no interest or knowledge of social engagement, Barkley was asked by a member of the audience if he ever did decide to try out social would he consider segmenting his data? He answered by repeating that he didn't want people calling him names and advised; "Shut up and enjoy life".

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