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The Economist digital sales up 77 per cent worldwide, 295 per cent in UK

The Economist released its Consolidated Media Report (CMR) today, which confirmed that more than ever, people are switching to digital.

According to the report, there are now 111,250 paid digital editions of the Economist in North America. Because of this, the publication has been able to increase the average price of its online edition.

It’s not just North America that’s seeing enormous growth. Worldwide, digital sales are up 77 per cent with all regions seeing growth in at least double digits.

The UK has seen the greatest growth, with digital edition sales soaring by 295.3 per cent. Asia followed behind, with 109.8 per cent. The Middle East and Africa saw the least growth, with an 18 per cent increase.

“When we market subscriptions, we provide options for print and digital formats, allowing our customers to read us in the manner that suits them best,” said the Economist’s chief marketing officer, Michael Brunt. “We are matching a higher demand for digital formats by continuing to develop our current apps and increase our digital offerings.”

The Economist launched its first digital daily late last year.

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