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Chip Shop Awards Hall of Fame: Judges reveal their top picks from over the years

The Chip Shop Awards, this year sponsored by Boutique Media, is now open for entries. The Drum catches up with some of 2015's judges to find out what work from previous years they would induct into the Chip Shop Hall of Fame.

You can view all the best award winning work from years gone by at

Adrian Whatman, creative director of design, Rapp

The Chip Shop Awards remind me of when creativity ruled, when we weren’t restricted by budgets and time.

Last year again delivered some great work and exposed a new generation of creative folk to the industry.

This year I’m proper chuffed to see what is on offer when the gloves are off. Picking my favourite is quite easy. I still remember it coming up on screen, turning to one of my colleagues and saying ‘that’s really nice, really simple’.

So step forward James Garside. His work for Guinness was one of those creative ideas that I imagine he created really quickly or it just stared him in the face for ages before the penny dropped.

His work goes to prove that simplicity works and that you don’t have to overthink your ideas. If it feels right, trust your instinct and just roll with it…

Abi Ellis, group creative director, DigitasLBi

My favourite Chip Shop ideas are the ones that really should have been bought and run by clients.

Oh, if only. I loved the reversible Topshop bag by Stacey & Sareka @ Chemistry from 2011 that transforms into an Oxfam bag, prompting you to donate your old clobber.

Just a bloody brilliant idea. With soul.

Bil Bungay, founder, BMB

I have a lot of favourites, but for the sake of argument, I think the Hacker ad by The Black Eye Project does it for me. It’s a really amusing concept that I would love to believe really happened.

When you read the copy it repeatedly says that 'I cheated a Chip Shop Awards vote' 3368 times.

It’s not only a brilliantly original creative thought, but it sums up the maverick nature of the Chip Shop Awards as a whole.

Nicky Bullard, executive creative director, Lida

I love the University of Oxford Shakespeare ad by Ferrier Pearce Creative Group. It has just the right amount of sarcasm, and arrogance.

Toby Horry, managing director, Dare

The thing I love from last year was ‘Linktinder’ by MZ in the best use for a new technology category.

I remember being at a conference in 2011 and debating with some very smart advertising people whether there could ever be a heterosexual version of Grindr. We collectively decided that it probably wasn’t a flier.

Ripple dissolve two years later and Tinder not only exists but has over 20 million users in 24 languages. Shows what we knew. I think the best creativity today is demonstrated when someone applies new technology to old business models.

And as an industry we need to be pointing our creativity more at products and services rather than at comms.

Linktinder might be somewhat tongue in cheek, but it’s a good example of the sort of creativity I want to see more of this year.

Andy Peel, creative, MBA

Picking a favourite is easy. I always look for smart ideas that you’d be proud to have in your portfolio.

There are many one-liners that make me laugh or cry, but an idea with legs is always good. And I’m also a sucker for wordplay. That’s why the one that sticks with me is Responsibly Beer by Rapier.

Not only is it clever, but it makes you laugh and probably breaks all the rules. That’s three big ticks in the Chip Shop Awards box.

After all, who wouldn’t want every other alcohol brand doing your advertising for you? So please drink responsibly. They’re the rules.

This feature was first published in The Drum's 4 March issue.

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