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Vax advert banned following complaint from Dyson

Vax is in hot water with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after rival vacuum cleaner company Dyson complained that the latest ads for the Vax Air Cordless model were misleading.

Dyson challened whether the claims "We made one change that changes everything - a full size vacuum cleaner without the cord" and "Powerful. Full size. Now cordless - We removed the cord but kept everything else" were true, because they suggested that the vacuum cleaner was as powerful as corded models.

Vax supplied the ASA with a comparative list of features of the Vax Air Cordless against mains powered Vax models, which the company believed showed that the Air Cordless performed the same cleaning functions.

In addition, Vaz said that it had not intended the ads to make a comparison between the power of corded and cordless machines and believed there was nothing in the claims that did so.

However, the ASA said the ads were misleading because the comparisons between the Vax Air Cordless were clear it but had not been substantiated.

The ads must not be broadcast again or appear again in their current form.

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