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Former advertising art director, Nicolas Damiens, reimagines Tokyo sans-advertising

Nicolas Damiens, a Paris-based graphic designer, has redrawn Tokyo, as it would look if it wasn’t filled with advertisements.

In a an interview with The Drum, conducted in French and translated, Damiens, who has worked with Renault, Stimerol, and Oasis, said that he wasn’t denouncing the power of advertising – rather he wanted to see what “the city that never sleeps…would look like if it took a break.”

The former advertising art director said that the city is not the same without all the “visual disorder.” Rather, it became a different city altogether.

“Some love the serenity that comes out (of the redone photos). Others do not recognize the Japanese capital,” he remarked. “For a graphic lovers like me, it is inconceivable that we would ever see Tokyo like this one day. I took pleasure in Tokyo undressed, but I definitely prefer dressed.”

Damien doesn’t have any plans to redo the project with other major cities, but said he hopes to begin work on another photo series soon.

See the full Tokyo series here.

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