Tomatin overhauls brand positioning to attract more attention

Highland distillery Tomatin has called on creative branding agency threebrand to help it establish a brand identity.

Charged with developing a campaign that would give Tomatin cut-through within the saturated malt whisky market, threebrand has created a series of press adverts, posters and sales materials.

With Tomatin being a light, delicate and mellow malt threebrand has drawn on these qualities to create ‘the softer side of the Highlands’.

“Historically, the highlands are seen as a harsh, tough environment, which traditionally produces heavily peated malts. Yet, Tomatin is softer than you would expect,” explained Malcolm Thomson, associate creative director at threebrand.

“Traditional Highland imagery was taken and humorously tweaked, allowing viewers to register at a glance something that is different and ultimately ‘softer’.”

Jennifer Masson, marketing manager at Tomatin Distillery, commented feedback has been “brilliant” so far adding the brand is “pleased that we now have a clear brand story and strong identity”.

“The central concept has great potential to grow and develop in different ways in each of our markets, which we are starting to see already. More importantly, people are noticing our advertising - the brand is attracting attention where we previously didn’t have a voice,” she said.