NATS launches interactive case study developed by CDD

The story of FerroNATS, a joint venture in Spain between airport management specialists Ferrovial Servicios and air traffic control management experts NATS, has been presented as an interactive case study, developed by digital agency CDD.

Commissioned by the Spanish aviation authority, AENA, the new interactive feature uses web technology, infographics, animation and video, to explain the liberalisation of Spanish air traffic control across selected airports by FerroNATS.

Taylor Samuelson, marketing communications manager at NATS, said: “We are very proud of our success in Spain and really wanted an innovative visual medium to engage users with the whole story. We believe our online audience will respond very strongly to this medium and with that we’re looking to work further with CDD to visualise more of our success stories.”

Gregg Pullin, account director at CDD, said: “Our creatives worked with our developers on utilising the latest in web browser technology. SVG animations form various data representations throughout the story and CSS 3 transformations enable scrolling capabilities. These are controlled by the user’s input. This is entirely reactive, giving the user control of the information as they are ready to absorb it.

“The story begins with highlighting the purpose and vision of FerroNATS to trigger an emotional response to ultimately capture the attention of the reader encouraging them to experience the project in its entirety.”

FerroNATS was created to consolidate, manage and provide safety to nine air traffic control towers across Spain.