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84% of consumers have deleted branded apps after only one use, finds research from Ampersand Mobile

Nader Alaghband of Ampersand Mobile.

New research from creative digital marketing company Ampersand Mobile has revealed that brands are mostly failing in their efforts to engage with consumers using apps.

A spin-out of award winning research and development firm Apppli, Ampersand Mobile commissioned TNS to survey the opinions of 1,612 UK smartphone users to understand their feelings towards current branded apps.

Key findings included:

• 71 per cent believe branded apps do not engage and merely market and push content;

• Almost half (47 per cent) delete all branded apps after just one use due to poor engagement, while the vast majority (84 per cent) delete at least some after a single use;

• 54 per cent avoid big brand apps, as they see them as just a one way marketing tool;

• 62 per cent think apps have reached market saturation and something new is needed.

Nader Alaghband, chief executive officer of Ampersand Mobile, said: “The research shows that marketers are really struggling to keep up with the speed of innovation and consumer adoption of new tech. Across the board, and especially in mobile, forward thinking marketers have an opportunity to differentiate and improve their brand’s ability to retain, engage, and monetise customers.

“The relationship between brands and consumers has completely transformed over recent years. Technology empowers the mobile generation with instant access to a world of products and services. Brand loyalty is increasingly playing second fiddle to quality and experience.”

The survey also looked into why people download and keep some apps over others, finding that 53 per cent of respondents downloaded apps they considered to be useful (such as train travel apps) and a further 51 per cent downloaded informative apps (such as the BBC).

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