Net Neutrality Twitter FCC

FCC approves net neutrality, Twitter reacts (unregulated, of course)


By Nesh Pillay | Reporter

February 26, 2015 | 6 min read

Twitter was ablaze today after the Federal Communications Comission (FCC), led by chairman Tom Wheeler, voted 3-2 to pass new net neutrality regulations.

The historic, yet controversial, vote ensured that free speech would remain online and that major internet providers could not dictate internet speeds based on website content.

"(The Internet) is the most powerful and pervasive platform on the planet,” said Wheeler after the vote. “The Internet is too important to allow broadband providers to make the rules."

As The Drum reported earlier this week, many major tech companies and politicians - including President Obama - were vocal about their support for the proposal.

Tweets came from accounts such as Netflix, Huffington Post founder Arrianna Huffington and the New York Mayor's office in support.

Net Neutrality Twitter FCC

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