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Corporation Pop launches Facebook and Weibo game to engage international students with NCUK

Corporation Pop has developed a game for Facebook and Sina Weibo designed to engage students in South Korea, Nigeria and China with education charity NCUK's programmes as a route to a UK degree.

The Manchester-based agency created 'Success', a retro-styled puzzle game, which has been embedded on China’s most popular social network Seina Weibo, Chinese mobile messenger app WeChat and Facebook.

Themed around the path that international students take to study at a UK university, each level provides information on how NCUK can help them fulfil their goals.

Dom Raban, managing director at Corporation Pop, said: “This is a simple to play, yet addictive game that shows players how a NCUK programme can be an effective route into a leading UK university.

“We have taken a mobile-first approach as our research established that the target audience primarily accesses the internet through their smartphones.”

Raban concluded: “One of the most challenging aspects of the brief was working with Seina Weibo and WeChat as the development kits are in Chinese. However with the help of a native-language specialist we were able to ensure that our solution would be compatible.”

Over the last quarter of a century, the NCUK has helped 23,500 students to start a programme at leading UK universities.

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