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February 23, 2015 | 1 min read

Today's ad of the day from Cadillac celebrates those who drive the world forward through innovation.

Edith Piaf's 'Non, Je ne regrette rien' provides the soundtrack to the atmospheric spot, which shows icons including Richard Linklater, Anne Wojcicki and Njeri Rionge expanding on their personal approaches to life and the power of daring.

Set in downtown New York, the ad was crafted by ​Publicis, with help from independent media director Doug Liman and acclaimed cinematographer Janusz Kaminski.

Agency Publicis New York, Publicis UK

Executive Creative Director, Publicis London Andy Bird

Executive Creative Director, Publicis New York Joseph Johnson

EVP, Creative Director Carlos Figueiredo

VP, Creative Director Jean Rhode

VP, Creative Director Roger Norris

Chief Production Officer Lisa Bifulco

VP, Executive Producer Lauren Schneidmuller

Associate Producer Jennifer Truss

Music Producer Theresa Notartomaso

Broadcast Business Manager Janet Wollman


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