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Ukip Newport retreats over Nazi EU Facebook graphic

A Welsh Ukip group has come under fire for likening the EU to the Nazi party in a doctored Facebook post.

Newport’s Ukip Facebook account posted an image representing the EU’s advance into the UK with a Swastika earlier this week. The graphic also implied collusion from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

The post, claiming that Ukip will protect British shores from foreign interests, was removed from the Newport Ukip account following the backlash.

The scene was somewhat reminiscent of the iconic Dad's Army credits.

Following the move, Jess Morden, a Labour MP representing Newport East, condemned the graphic: “For Ukip to use a Nazi symbol on a graphic is simply abhorrent.

“Just a fortnight ago, the local Ukip candidate was removed following publication in the media of his support for the far right BNP and EDL, it is clear that a dangerous extremist bloc within Ukip are becoming more prominent. Ukip need to take action.”

A Ukip spokesman issued a statement: “The posting on the Newport East Facebook page may be in bad taste. Illustrating anything by use of a swastika is so. However the connected outrage of the local Labour Party is even more over the top.”

In January, data from We Are Social revealed that Ukip is the most talked about UK political party on social media.