Sainsbury’s trials self-updating e-ink pricing labels in Shoreditch

Sainsbury’s is looking to cut down on its wasteful use of paper labels and the time it takes staff to update prices by trialling e-ink pricing devices which automatically update themselves.

The trial was launched at its Shoreditch Old Street Local store as the supermarket chain works the kinks out of the system and familiarises staff with the new technology.

The e-ink units will be overseen by specially trained staff and will be regularly updated automatically from a central system. Each device's data will be encrypted and the units are fortified against the low temperatures typically discharged by fridges and freezers.

Jon Rudoe, the director of digital and technology at Sainsbury’s, said: “A key part of our strategy is to make sure we’re looking at new technology on behalf of our colleagues to make their lives easier.

“So this trial will give us useful feedback about quicker, efficient digital pricing information and how much time and paper we’ll save in the process.”

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