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Maxus' Tim Irwin and DTA judge reveals what he wants to see from programmatic award entries


By The Drum Team | Editorial

February 19, 2015 | 4 min read

The Drum's 2015 Digital Trading Awards (DTAs) are fast approaching and deadlines for entries have been extended (see details below). Maxus chief operating officer Tim Irwin and DTA judge reveals what he expects to see from winning entrants and how the programmatic market will evolve.

Tim Irwin

What are the main challenges in programmatic trading marketing currently and why?

As with any new opportunity, there are always a lot of companies trying to grab clients attention and budgets. This can lead to misinformation. We still have a few myths to bust.

To what extent has transparency improved in the value chain over the past year?

The industry has become far more knowledgeable around challenges such as brand safety, viewability and fraud.

What could marketers be doing better to maximise on their programmatic investments?

It’s hard to comment generally on this as there is such a wide range of understanding amongst marketers around programmatic.

What’s the next big thing in programmatic trading?

More bespoke client solutions, such as private marketplaces.

With DR budgets becoming tapped out, to what extent can the progress in (linear) TV programmatic trading help shift brand budget into programmatic?

TV remains the best way for brands to engage with consumers, so for brand budgets to be shifted to programmatic the TV industry will need to be convinced of the value of this switch in trading model. At the moment however, the UK TV industry is not wholly convinced. with the biggest player, ITV, openly negative at the moment.

To what extent should publishers pool their programmatic platforms to achieve greater scale for premium private marketplaces?

What opportunities could be created? I think I should let publishers work out their own strategies!

How much progress has programmatic trading made in shedding its image of ‘remnant, cheap’ inventory? How much further must it go?

It’s getting there. Just to be clear, programmatic trading is simply the automation by computers/algorithms of buying & optimisation of media. But there’s still a long way to go before we think of it in such broad terms.

What are the remaining barriers to marketers adopting programmatic trading?

Some advertisers are concerned about the use of data. For others its brand safety and for others accountability. As an industry we need to be sure that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

What are the next wave of opportunities programmatic trading can provide in the overall marketing landscape?

Non-traditional digital channels such as TV, radio and out of home.

What will you be looking for from entries during the judging stages?

Insight and results. Brevity!

How did you get into digital trading/advertising industry? It was my boyhood dream

The deadline for The Drum DTAs, in association with AppNexus, are sponsored by Millennial Media, StrikeAd, Integral Adscience, Adform, Audience2 media Tremor Video, Tubemogul, Sphere, LiveRail, and Quantcast, has been extended. For details on how to get an extension email events director

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