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Ukip supporters and opponents combine to label Channel 4 mockumentary a ‘hatchet job’

Channel 4 political mockumentary ‘100 days of Ukip’ has been labelled as a ‘hatchet job’ and a piece of ‘disgraceful propaganda’ by Ukip supporters and opponents alike.

Ukip: The First 100 Days portrayed a graphic depiction of a country descending into chaos within days of Nigel Farage securing a slim majority in a hypothetical general election.

Coming just weeks before the actual vote commentators from both the left and right of the political spectrum have criticised the timing and content of the piece, warning that it is likely to ‘backfire’ and may even give the radical party a boost.

In a statement Channel 4 said: “We do reflect that they say they’re going to put more money in the NHS, we do reflect that they’ve got thoughtful, considered MPs, we do reflect various things about them but we suggest the ride over those first 100 days might be quite bumpy.”

Ofcom and Channel 4 have now received over 1,000 complaints alleging bias in the drama and is currently weighing up whether there are sufficient grounds to mount a formal investigation into the broadcast.