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President’s Day 2015 as it was tweeted and Vined by brands: HBO, PBS, MLB, WWE, GAP, Glock and Sesame Street

Presidents Day is upon us, and much of the US has ground to a standstill as workers on paid leave paid tribute to their former leaders as part of the federal holiday.

Brands, firms and even TV shows got involved in the social media discourse to pay celebrate the birth of George Washington, the first US commander in chief, and the 42 presidents who succeeded him.

To reflect upon the rich history of US leaders, companies uploaded real time content via Twitter and Vine to have their own little say on the holiday which has been celebrated across the country since 1879.

New York Yankees

Adult Swim

Major League Baseball







Sterling Archer from animated TV show Archer

Antiques Roadshow

And a closing quote from Apple chief executive Tim Cook.

Gap, Sesame Street and Arby's also uploaded fitting Vines.

Happy President's Day!

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