Cadillac releases teaser for first Publicis Worldwide ad ‘The Arena: Dare Greatly’

General Motors car group, Cadillac has launched a new ad called 'The Arena: Dare Greatly’ hinting at a brand refresh as the firm announced its intention to stand out from the product-focused campaigns.

The minute and a half slot, shot from inside a Cadillac as it drives around downtown New York, contrasts the colour and vibrancy of the neighbourhoods during a rendition of Theodore Roosevelt’s ‘Man In The Arena’ speech.

The advert, created by Publicis New York and Publicis UK, aims to evoke the brand's history in aiming to do things differently, including having uprooted from its home town of Detroit to New York and challenges viewers to 'Dare Greatly in Life'.

The campaign was also pushed on the Cadillac social media channels including Twitter.

The account’s Twitter handle now reads: “At Cadillac, we dare greatly. Only those who dare drive the world forward,” hinting at a greater brand rehaul.

This comes after Cadillac appointed Publicis Worldwide as its global agency of record in December.