BBC debuts new homepage design on mobile

The BBC has rolled out a new homepage design beginning with its mobile platforms to refresh the current three-year old look, which the braodcaster admits has become "a little dated".

The new page places an emphasis on imagery compared with the previous design and has been optimised for mobile devices and bandwidth to ensure the page loading speed of large images isn't affected.

The idea for the refresh is to "showcase the best of the BBC", according to senior product manager Michael Skelton, who said in a blog post: "There is so much distinctive and original content published every day, so this new design is intended to give you a taste of what is available, then let you dive into the content that interests you the most."

Headlines from the BBC's news and sport section will remain on the homepage as well as a mix of editorially-selected stories further down, designed to grab reader's interest and direct them towards content they may not have otherwise found.

At the bottom of the page, mini carousels contain a digest of the most talked-about TV and radio programmes and clips.

To indicate which content is live, the BBC will initially use badges on its stories, however this will eventually evolve into a "richer experience" with the latest updates, information and statistics.

A plan to allow users to customise their site experience is also afoot, and will see BBC readers able to personally tailor their content experience.

In the coming weeks new Scotland, Alba, Wales, Cymru and Northern Ireland homepages will be viewable on the app. Users will be able to save their favourite stories to read, watch and listen to later and more varied local content, such as travel news alerts will also appear.

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