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IAB, BabyCenter study: mobile now primary way to reach millennial moms

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and BabyCenter released a study today that claimed that millennial mothers were choosing to purchase and use smartphones more than any other device.

The year-to-year report studied the electronic usage habits of mothers aged 18-34 from five different countries- the US, Canada, China, Brazil and the UK.

In all countries examined, at least three quarters of the young mothers examined owned and used mobile smartphones. This, said Anna Bager, IAB senior vice president of mobile and video, was important information for marketers to be aware of.

“Moms have traditionally been a primary target for a multitude of marketers, and now it’s clear that the primary way to reach them is through mobile,” Bager said.

“We are seeing smartphones as central to moms’ media experiences around the world. And, with millennials making up the majority of new moms, brands and agencies need to think of this valuable demographic as tech-savvy and mobile-first if they want to earn their interest and loyalty.”

Moms inl four of the five nations studied said that they spent more time on their mobile devices each day than they did watching television, or surfing the internet on a traditional computer.

While the findings about smartphone purchases and usage were the same in all countries examined, the different countries saw differences in what mom’s considered to be effective imagery in digital advertising.

In the US, 76 per cent of moms said that that imagery of a “family together” would grab their attentions, though less than half of respondents in China agreed.

Julie Michaelson, vice president of sales at BabyCenter said that marketers should be mindful of these differences.

“Mom’s dependence on mobile is evident, as is the fact that digital ads are at the forefront when it comes to capturing her attention while she’s in the midst of discovering and embracing new brands, she said.

“What’s also certain, is that brands need to be mindful of those facts in their marketing strategies in order to win her over – and what works for millennial moms in one country might not work in another.”

The full report was released as a part of IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting, which is currently taking place in Phoenix, Arizona.

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