By Gillian West, Social media manager

February 9, 2015 | 1 min read

Alfa Romeo UK has sponsored ‘Passion on 4’, a series of Channel 4 ‘passion projects’ from the likes of Guy Martin and Philip Glenister.

Forming part of the brand’s wider campaign celebrating over 60 years of passion, Doner London has created the idents for the brand sponsorship.

Nikki Austen, Alfa brand communications manager, commented: “Talk to the engineers & designers or the sales people & owners, passion has always been a differentiating element of the Alfa Romeo brand.

“The latest idents ‘Passion Endures’ created by Doner London, perfectly complement the programing and the heritage of the Alfa Romeo brand.”

Wayne Deakin, the newly appointed Doner London executive creative director, added: “Alfa Romeo is a brand that transcends time and that passion is evident in every car.

“We helped our partners in Italy introduce the new Sprint to the UK by highlighting the passion that owners of the 1954 original would recognize immediately in this latest state of the art incarnation.”

The ‘Passion on 4’ series will run for the next few months.

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