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T-Mobile, Budweiser, Snickers, and Toyota Super Bowl ads featured in animation made entirely of Lego

T-Mobile, Budweiser, Snickers, and Toyota were just some of the brands included in a new stop-motion video that highlights the most popular commercials from Super Bowl XLIX using only Lego.

The animation, called the Brick Bowl was created by A+C Studios, a UK-based animation studio. The team watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night, and created the animation in the 36 hours since.

Dan Richards, a director at the studio shared his amazement with his team’s work.

"Stop motion productions can take anywhere between 4 months to 4 years to make - turning this animation around in 36 hours and working with Lego to recreate the most prestigious ad slot in history into a new story has been a huge accomplishment,” he said. “It's been an adrenaline-filled couple of days and we hope everyone who watches Brick Bowl has as much fun as we all had making it."

The studio is set to release a “making of” video this Friday that will details the creation of the Brick Bowl.