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My Favourite Super Bowl ad: FedEx Ground “Not What It Seems” - Noel Haan, executive creative director, BBDO Minneapolis

The 2015 Super Bowl is just days away, and the advertising carnival already in full force, with major brands gearing up for another multimillion dollar bonanza. We speak to some of America's top executive creative directors for their favourite Super Bowl adverts from over the years. Noel Haan, executive creative director at BBDO Minneapolis looks back at FedEx Ground's 'Not What it Seems'.

When I watch the Super Bowl with family and friends, the comment I hear most often is, “That’s funny. But, I have no idea what it was for.” That isn’t the case for this brilliantly written and casted FedEx spot. The brand name and key message are repeated throughout the spot. And yet, none of it feels forced; it’s very funny.

Typically, heavily branded commercials with too much dialogue can be less than super, especially during the Super Bowl, which places a premium no visuals over words. However, this spot breaks these rules by seamlessly integrating the facts with the funny to make a memorable commercial.

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