Music too often an 'afterthought' in brand advertising, says Unilever marketing VP following Big Sync deal

Unilever is hoping that a new approach to music in its brand communications and advertising will help turnaround an inconsistency when it comes to “excellence” in advertising across its brand portfolio and drive “quality”.

As part of the new strategy Unilever has partnered with music agency Big Sync, which will now supply all music services for the FMCG giant globally.

Speaking to The Drum Jorgen Bartsch, VP global marketing services for Unilever, admitted that while there are “pockets of excellence” and effective communications for many of its brands, music was an area of advertising the Dove-maker had neglected.

“We have pockets of excellence everywhere and we’ve got brands that are very successful in music,” he commented. “Are we doing that consistently across all brands? Probably not. Not for a second am I going to say we’re in a terrible position, we’re not, but we’re just not consistently performing at our best on all aspects of production and I’m interested now in driving the focus on music.”

“Music is an integral part to all the brand communication,” he continued. “Yet it’s one that often is a little bit of an afterthought for agencies and brand teams and we need to give it a little bit more attention and time in the spotlight.”

Under the contract, Big Sync is now rolling out its services to all Unilever brand teams and agency partners for use in the company’s cross channel advertising activities worldwide.

These services include music strategy, licensing, creative music search and amplification - for the company’s 400 plus brands.

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