Snapchat primed to offer brands video and music ads with impending launch of 'Discover' feature

Snapchat is set to expand its multimedia offering with its new ‘Discover’ feature which will see brands share music and video content to the app's prominently youthful userbase.

The app, which claims 100 million monthly users globally, is today (Tuesday 27 January) expected to announce its ‘Discovery’ feature which will see it host brand-uploaded video and audio content.

Comedy Central, Food Network, CNN, National Geographic, Vice and Warner Music Group are among the brands set to use Discovery according to the New York Post. The feature has been a long time coming with reports first emerging as early as last August.

In December, Snapchat chief Evan Spiegel’s unveiled his ambitions to use the app to promote musicians incorporating audio for the first time in a drive towards stable monetisation.

Earlier this week, Asos claimed it will continue sending organic content through Snapchat despite it receiving 'virtually no data at all' on how well its posts are performing.