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My favourite Super Bowl ad: Snickers, Betty White - Chosen by Wil Boudreau, BBDO Atlanta

The 2015 Super Bowl is just days away, and the advertising carnival already in full force, with major brands gearing up for another multimillion dollar bonanza. We speak to some of America's top executive creative directors for their favourite Super Bowl adverts from over the years. Second to the plate is Wil Boudreau, chief creative officer, BBDO Atlanta who has picked one of the most shared Super Bowl ads of all time: Snickers' Betty White.

I had the privilege of working on the Snickers business for a few years right after Gerry Graf had struck gold with the "Not Going Anywhere For Awhile" campaign. So it was with great respect and delight that I viewed the Betty White ad for Snickers in the Super bowl. It wasn't just hysterical. It was something even more elusive. It was new. No talking stomachs, no gnawing on inanimate objects, no hunger cliches of any kind. Just a brilliant idea brilliantly executed.

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