Ebola nurse grants Irn Bru a PR boost citing its aid in her 3-week recovery

A Scottish NHS nurse who fully recovered from ebola this week has praised staff at London's Royal Free Hospital - and Irn Bru - for helping her back to health.

Pauline Cafferkey, who contracted ebola while working in Sierra Leone, cited the regenerative powers of the experimental anti-viral treatments administered to her by staff at London's Royal Free Hospital - in addition to Irn Bru.

The nurse said: "I am just happy to be alive. I feel weak, but I’m looking forward to going home. As I was beginning to recover, I listened to lots of music and that was a massive help. I also had lots of Irn Bru to help me through."

Following the announcement, Irn Bru producer AG Barr received positive PR with several publications questioning the regenerative powers of Irn Bru, which has a 108-year-old secret recipe known only by three people; former AG chairman Robin Barr, his daughter company secretary Julie Barr and an anonymous board member.

Putting the soft drinks brand in the spotlight after Cafferkey’s recovery, the Telegraph ran with ‘Can Irn Bru really cure Ebola?’, the Times published ‘Irn Bru and top care saved me, says ebola nurse’. The Daily Mail chose ‘I beat ebola with high-tech drugs and Irn Bru’ and the Herald Scotland selected ‘Scottish ebola nurse says Irn Bru got her through’.

A spokesperson for AG Barr said the company is "delighted" that Pauline Cafferkey has recovered from the illness.

In October, Irn Bru, along with Volvic and Haribo were among the top FMCG on social media for social engagement.