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UKIP PR man reportedly admits that the party does represent bigots

Ukip’s head of PR, Matthew Richardson, has told the party that it speaks for bigots while also describing the NHS as “a waste of money.”

According to The Sunday Times, Richardson, who was hired by Nigel Farage’s party as secretary in December to prevent “the bad stuff” from reaching the public eye, apparently told it during a meeting last month that “people talk about Ukip being bigots. There are hundreds of thousands of bigots in the United Kingdom and they deserve representation.”

He also apparently said of the party’s leader; “He’s a Kent man. Well, sounds like Kent anyway,” and apparently compared the spending plans over the NHS to Nazi Germany and called for it to be privatized.

The newspaper went on to report that Richardson subsequently dismissed that comments as “lighthearted harmless banter in the pub.”

The party itself had yet to comment at the time of writing.

This morning, the party pledged to spend £3bn extra in frontline NHS services should it reach power, without borrowing.