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The Scotsman runs topless Linda Lusardi page 3 in the Sun Page 3 demise parody article

The Scotsman has heralded the demise of topless models on the Sun’s Page 3 with an unconventional Page 3 of its own in the style of the UK's top selling tabloid.

The Wednesday 21 January edition of the Scotsman, saw the newspaper’s staff take the editorial decision to run news of Page 3’s demise with a Page 3 tribute of its own.

Martyn McLaughlin, a senior reporter at the Scotsman posted a Vine of the new look issue for those who failed to pick up a copy.

The parody article, featuring a retro Page 3 still of veteran model Linda Lusardi, included Page 3's Rhian Sugden’s rant blaming “comfy shoe wearing, no bra wearing, man haters” for the feature's removal from the tabloid after 44 years.

Much like Page 3 itself, the article proved decisive, falling afoul of some social media users.

However, others enjoyed the parody.

On Monday, the news that the Sun was to stop printing pictures of topless women hit the mainstream media following years sparking celebrations in the 'No More Page 3' campaign group.