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Page 3 Girl Rhian Sugden blames 'comfy shoe wearing, no bra wearing, man haters' for Sun topless pics ban

Former Page 3 models have jumped to the defence of Page 3 as the 44-year-old feature will see future photoshoots include clothed models.

Detractors including Rhian Sugden and Jodie Marsh took to Twitter to condemn those fighting to remove the column from which they made a living.

Page 3 model Rhian Sugden tweeted a scathing condemnation of those pushing for the ban of the topless feature.

Jodie Marsh, who remains one of Page 3's most successful models, weighed in on the debate, suggesting that 'No More Page 3' campaigners should channel their energies into more productive battles on behalf of feminism.

BBC reporter Andrew Castle admitted that he would miss the Page 3 Girls’ insightful views.

Comedians David Schneider and David Baddiel remarked on the fact the females will be clothed in future issues.

However, the publication reminded readers in Tuesday 20 January’s print edition that Page 3 pics will still be available online form the Sun website.

The decision follows News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch previously hinting at the addition of clothes to the models in the feature on Twitter in September.

The topless ban comes after Page 3 in November made the progressive decision to publish naked men for the first time with the West Ham squad getting their kits off for Movember.