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No More Page 3 campaign celebrates as reports spread that The Sun has dropped printing pictures of topless women

The No More Page Three campaign was celebrating last night as rumours emerged that the Sun had decided to drop the regular feature of topless women from the newspaper.

Reprorts began to surface early yesterday evening, including one in the News UK sister title, The Times, that the 44-year-old feature may have been culled by editor David Dinsmore.

The No More Page Three campaign, which has been actively calling for the newspaper to remove the feature, has been petitioning Dinsmore through

While it has been claimed that last Friday would be the final time the Sun would run the feature, it has yet to officially comment, and Dylan Sharpe, head of PR, posted on Twitter: "Page 3 will be in @TheSunNewspaper tomorrow in the same place it's always been - between page 2 and page 4."

Speculation over the reluctance to issue a response to media enquiries is thought to be due to the directors of News UK wishing to assess the response to the news in the first instance.

No More Page Three posted messages of celebration on its Facebook and Twitter feeds, including the message: “Wow..we're hearing the Sun may have dropped Pg3. This could be truly historic news and a great day for people power... We don't know the details for sure and there'still lots to be done... But this could be a huge step for challenging media sexism. And we are so incredibly grateful to all of you who stood up and said No More Page 3 (sic).”

It is thought, however, that while the newspaper may no longer host topless models, the feature will continue to run on the Sun’s website.