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6-year-old writes Southern Rail a letter of complaint to get her Dad home from work in time to tuck her in

A six-year-old girl has handwritten a letter to Southern Rail to ensure that her father gets home from work in time to "tuck her in".

In the letter shared on Twitter by her father, young Ella requested that Southern Rail helps speed up her Dad's commute, she said: “I miss him very much because he used to tuck me into bed.”

“Daddy says you take all his money, that is why I cannot go to DisneyLand.”

Mr Porter came under fire from some social media users who accused him of orchestrating the whole stunt.

The message was retweeted 284 times since it was posted last week, resulting in the train firm issuing a response:“We are sorry that Mr Porter has been delayed on his way home and that his daughter misses him. Trains to Victoria and London Bridge travel over the most congested part of the whole of Britain's railway network and we are constantly pushing against the boundaries of what is physically possible on the infrastructure to provide as much capacity as possible to and from London.

“London Bridge station is being rebuilt with fewer platforms and tracks for our trains currently, and this has made train performance even more challenging. We and Network Rail are determined to improve the situation and have made some additional changes to the timetable today to help with this.”

In similar style, in 2012, a three-year-old girl wrote a letter to Sainsbury's asking why tiger bread was name so, as she thought it more resemble a giraffe's spots.

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