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Kalms to return to TV screens with its first new creative in 10 years

Kalms has embarked on its first new television campaign in ten years with an animated campaign highlighting how the remedy can help deal with stress.

Created by Bray Leino, the advert features a cavewoman going about her day calmly coping with stressful situations, such as marauding mammoths, showing that stress has been a fact of life right from when humans first walked the earth.

Nikki Kerrigan, Kalms brand manager at LanesHealth, commented: “Research has shown that rather than escape from stress, people want to deal with it so they can make the most of their busy days. The ad uses the powerful insight that stress is ever present in human life, but that the important thing is how you cope with it. The creative idea uses an analogy with prehistoric life to illustrate that Kalms can help deal with life’s stresses and strains.”

Nina Krazizky, account director at Bray Leino, added: “We wanted to bring the insight of stress’ timelessness to life in a powerful, empathetic way and research showed that consumers really identified with our cavewoman and the challenges of her day,”

The campaign will run from today (Monday 19 January).

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