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GlaxoSmithKline boss admits rise of e-cigarettes is a threat but rules out entering the market

The increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes is posing a threat to nicotine patches and gum according to the boss of GlaxoSmithKline.

Andrew Witty, Glaxo’s chief executive, is quoted by the Times as saying the rise of 'vaping' has "definitely taken a bit of our market, no question at all".

Witty went on to reveal that his organisation had considered entering the e-cigarette market but deemed it "just too controversial" because of the lack of data about the products' risks and benefits.

While proving a hit with the public, e-cigarettes have not been without controversy.

Although manufacturers are allowed to advertise them on TV, they must not promote tobacco or be deemed to target non-smokers or young people.

Three e-cigarettes ads, two for Must Have and one for Vape Nation, were banned in December for falling foul of these rules.

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