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'Crowdsourcing' by Newcastle Brown carries British beer into Super Bowl

Note the slogan!

The famed British beer Newcastle Brown Ale is going for a "crowdsourced" Super Bowl TV ad.

The brand is actually banned from airing a US national TV ad during the game because Anheuser-Busch InBev holds exclusive beer advertising rights

Newcastle's answer: the Heineken-owned brewer plans a regional buy during the game that will include other marketers' logos and messaging -- if they pitch in and help pay, reports AdAge.

Brands including Boost Mobile, Beanitos, Sharper Image, Armstrong Floor and McClure's Pickles have agreed to participate in the so-called "Band of Brands" effort, the brand said yesterday on Twitter.

Newcastle has got local air time during the game's broadcast on Feb. 1 on NBC and is recruiting other brands to star in the ad and help pay for it.

A Newcastle spokesman declined to comment on the other partners. "For a strikingly large variety of reasons, most of which have to do with a strikingly large number of brand lawyers, I cannot comment on or confirm anything other than those that have been announced publicly," he said.

Heineken said said the so-called called "Band of Brands" was aimed at producing the "first-ever crowdfunded Big Game ad" by teaming with other brands. "In exchange for a small contribution, any brand can join Newcastle's team and have its logo and messaging featured in an actual Big Game spot," the brand said in a statement.

Cheeky slogan: Football is a team sport. Now marketing is too

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