By Natalie Mortimer | N/A

January 14, 2015 | 2 min read

Blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan has refreshed its brand and strapline as it looks to put across a more inclusive call-to action to potential fundraisers as well as donors.

The charity’s previous ‘Be a match, save a life,’ message has been dropped in favour of ‘Saving the lives of people with blood cancer’ to better reflect the range of ways that different audiences can get involved with Anthony Nolan, rather than focussing on donors joining the register.

Anthony Nolan is also shaking up its logo, tone of voice, key messages, colour palette and photography as part of the brand refresh process; for example there will be a new focus on using photographs of individuals in the context of their lives.

Director of communications Richard Davidson, explained that the previous strapline, though successful, was only relevant to one part of its audience.

“The more we talked to our other existing and potential supporters, it became clear they didn’t understand the range of our work or the ways they can get involved, whether they campaign, raise funds or volunteer. To be able to grow as a charity, we need to be clear about what we do and that we need everyone to help save lives.”

To launch the new branding, created by Good, Anthony Nolan has released an online film The Lifesavers which takes a look at the charity’s supporters over the years including marathon runners, donors and patients.

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