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Creative Showcase: Featuring Adam&EveDDB, Mother London, M&C Saatchi Stockholm, WCRS, Pemberton & Whitefoord and more


By Gillian West, Social media manager

January 12, 2015 | 25 min read

Welcome to The Drum Creative Showcase.

As always this section is dedicated to showing the best creative work and gives you, the reader, the chance to decide what we show within The Drum magazine.

You can vote for the work you like best, simply by clicking the 'Like' button beside the work, and the winner will be featured in the next issue of The Drum (4 February) in the Creative Showcase spread.

Other popular entrants will also be considered for the print edition. Submit your vote before Monday 19 January to guarantee your favourite makes it into the printed magazine.

To submit work for future publication contact For voting updates and more follow The Drum Creative Showcase on Twitter @TheDrumCreative.

Mother London: Ikea 'The Joy of Storage'

Brand: Ikea

Title: The Joy of Storage

Agency: Mother, London, UK

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Mother

Creatives: Mother

Director: Dougal Wilson

Production company: Blink

Editor: Joe Guest / Final Cut

Post: MPC

Published: January 2015

adam&eveDDB: Virgin Atlantic 'Let it Fly'

Brand: Virgin Atlantic

Title: Let it Fly

Agency: adam&eveDDB, London, UK

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Emer Stamp

Creative Directors: Richard Brim, Daniel Fisher

Executive Creative Directors: Ben Priest, Ben Tollett

Planner: Toby Harrison

Production Company: Rogue Films

Director: Sam Brown

Media agency: MGOMD

Editor: Amanda James

Voiceover: Andy Serkis

Post-production: MPC

Audio post-production: Wave

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale (optional): The new campaign, created by adam&eveDDB takes the airline in a new direction with a focus on its customers, encouraging them to “Let it Fly”. The new customer centric proposition has a clear message – the world doesn’t come to you, so go to it. It captures the airline’s passion for service and demonstrates how Virgin Atlantic goes beyond the norm to deliver unforgettable experiences for its customers.

Proxy: Brand Design 'Frill'

Brand: Frill

Title(s): Brand Design

Agency: Proxy

Agency website:

Designers: Aapo Bovellan and Gernot Preslmayer

Project Management and Research: Miia Bovellan

Logotype refinement: Dalton Maag

Published: January 2015

Saatchi & Saatchi: Weight Watchers 'Here to Help'

Brand: Weight Watchers

Title: Here to Help

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London

Agency website:

Agency Producer: Darapen Vongsa-nga

Creatives: Mark Slack & Gemma Phillips

Director: Clay Weiner

Film Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

Sound Design and Mix: Ben Leeves

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Saatchi & Saatchi's new campaign for Weight Watchers comprises three 30 and three 20 second executions, the TV spots are designed to show that the weight loss service is 'Here To Help'.

With a fresh new look and feel, the brand is being refreshed across all channels and will be supported by a fully integrated marketing campaign.

Pemberton & Whitefoord: Tesco 'Novelty Kids Tissue Range'

Brand: Tesco

Title(s): Novelty Kids Tissue Range

Agency: Pemberton & Whitefoord (P&W) International Design Consultants, London, England

Agency website:

Creative Director: Simon Pemberton

Art Director: Melanie Kendall

Illustrator: Melanie Kendall

Published: December 2014

Short rationale: The challenge was to create a range of fun, family friendly, novelty tissue packs that would be suitable for children and teenagers alike - with a humorous unique look.

P&W created a collection of animals with the concept that the tissues, when dispensed, interacted with the box – the water blowing from the elephant’s trunk or the tuft growing from the penguin’s crown. Combining with bright, simple stylistic illustrations and definitive colour palettes, this all resulted in a unique look with strong shelf standout in a crowded marketplace.

P&W utilised the double skin on the physical packaging to allow the introduction of flaps on the side of the packs, we developed these to bring to life the animal characters when opened and in the home - this sets them apart from other tissues available on the market and adds a little fun aspect to an otherwise commodity product.

BBH London: Weetabix 'The Weetabuddies'

Brand: Weetabix

Title: The Weetabuddies

Agency: BBH, London, UK

Agency Website:

Creative Directors: Sam Oliver, Shish Patel

Creatives: Claire Stokes, Maria Sousa Machado

Producers: Jemima Bowers, Ru Warner

DoP: Malcolm Hadley

Strategy Director: Rowena Prest

Chief Strategy Officer: Jonathan Bottomley

Additional Credits: Business Lead: Paul Matuszczyk

Team Manager: Ana Saffer

Team Director: Lauren Blunden

Assistant Producer: Alice Straker

Production Company: Th1ng

Director: Anthony Farquhar-Smith

Post Production: Th1ng / The Mill

Editor/Editing House: Th1ng

Sound: Dugal / Wave Studios

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale (optional) : With spend over £5.5 million, the Weetabuddies campaign will run across TV, on-pack, in-store, social and online as well as engaging Mummy bloggers in an effort to get more kids and their families choosing Weetabix.

On-pack for around six weeks from the beginning of January, Weetabuddies will look to remind kids that Weetabix is a fun and appealing way to start the day. Using a series of distinctive and memorable characters, such as Tropicolin, Senor Sultana & Blue Barry, it is hoped the activity will not only show children that a bowl of Weetabix is full of endless possibilities but will also encourage them to get involved and share their own Weetabuddy creations. All those that are shared to the Weetabuddies website throughout the campaign, will be displayed and entered into a competition to win one of the daily Weetabuddy creator kits on offer.

M&C Saatchi Stockholm: Norwegian Airlines 'The Flag of Flags'

Brand: Norwegian Airlines

Title(s): The Flag of Flags

Agency: M&C Saatchi Stockholm

Agency website:

Additional Credits: Interns: Axel Lokrantz Månsson och Mickel Yu

Media Agency: Vizeum

Production Company: bsmart

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Norwegian Airlines has 417 routes to 126 destinations. To promote this global network, M&C Saatchi Stockholm ran a brutally simple print ad on New Year’s Eve. Norwegian people are extremely proud of their flag. So are Norwegian Airlines of its origin. Nearly as proud as being named Europe’s Best Low Cost Airline two years in a row. So M&C Saatchi Stockholm used ’the flag of flags’ to create an ad that’s unmistakably Norwegian – and just that little bit rewarding to read.

Fold 7: Gumtree 'Celebrity Big Brother idents'

Brand: Gumtree

Title(s): Celebrity Big Brother sponsorship idents

Agency: Fold7, London, Uk

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Rob Nielsen

Creatives: Rob Nielsen, Dan Fryer, Gate Lambert, Imogen Forte

The Corner London: Beagle St 'Life Insurance Reborn'

Brand: Beagle St

Title: Life Insurance Reborn

Agency: The Corner London

Agency Creative Director: Tom Ewart

Copywriter: Matthew Lancod

Art Director: Robert Amstell

Planning Director: Neil Hourston

Planner: Ollie Gillmore

Additional credits: Business Director: Fleur Andrews

Account Manager: Tenzin Pooch

Agency Producer: Daisy Mellors

Assistant Producer: Lauren Gray

Media Company: MEC

Production Company: Colonel Blimp

Director: David Wilson

Production Company Producer: Sam Levene

Editor: Max Windows at Stitch

Post prod Producer: Fi Kilroe

Post-production House: Finish

Audio post-production: Sam Ashwell at 750mph

Published: January 2015

WCRS: Royal Navy 'Born in Carlisle'

Brand: Royal Navy

Title(s): Born in Carlisle

Agency: WCRS

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Billy Faithfull

Creatives: Ben Brazier, Johnny Ruthven

Additional Credits: Agency Producer: Eliot Liss

Account Handling: Simon Peck, Michael McConville, Sally Borda, Louis Lunts

Strategy: Liz Baines

Media Planning: MEC

Media Buying: M4C/Carat

Website: E3

Production Company: Rattling Stick

Director: Ed Morris

Producer: Chris Harrison

DOP: Jim Joliffe

Editor: Sacha Szwarc @ Speade

Post-Production: Creative Outpost (Grade: Simone Grattarola @ Rushes)

Audio: Ben Leeves @GCRS

Published: December 2014

Short Rationale: The TV spot, directed by Ed Morris tells the story of a boy progressing from childhood to adulthood and shows how his decision to join the Royal Navy is the making of him as a person. He is ‘Made in the Royal Navy.’

VCCP Blue: Asda 'Whether'

Brand: Asda

Title(s): Whether

Agency: VCCP Blue

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Mark Orbine

Creative: Colin McKean, Emma Houlston

Additional Credits: Account Director: Kate Tweed

Planner: Sarah Mason

TV Producer: John Cheesemore

Film Production: Fat Lemon

Director: Mike Matthews

Producer: Cabell Hopkins

Photography: Luke Cardiff

Production Design: Tom Gander

Production Manager: Luke Tilbury

Editor: Quin Williams @tenthree

Post-Production: Sally Heath (Executive Producer), Mark Fowler (Motion Graphics) @ Unit TV

Colourist: Simon Astbury @ Unit TV

Smoke: Ian Baker @ Unit TV

Sound Design: Gez Lloyd, Chris Southworth @Unit TV

Published: January 2015

Suerte Tequila: Suerte Tequila Extra Anejo 'Limited edition bottle'

Brand: Suerte Tequila Extra Anejo

Title(s): Limited edition bottle

Agency: Suerte Tequila

Art Direction: Suerte Tequila

Design: Adam Issac Jackson

Photography: Darren Mahuron – Summit Studios

Screen Printing: Monvera Glass Décor

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: Suerte’s limited-edition bottle features a custom, glow in the dark label using new generation technology. The new glow technology requires a shorter charge time and releases light over a longer period of time.

AMV BBDO: Cesar 'Night shift'

Brand: Cesar

Title: Night shift

Agency: AMV BBDO London

Agency Website:

Creative Directors: Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi

Copywriter: Diccon Driver

Art Director: Alan Wilson

Agency Planner: Herve Hannequin

Agency Account Man: Oliver Clark, Ben Hacker, Alice Kassapian

Agency Producers: Paul Goodwin, Claire Toms

Media Agency: Zenith Optimedia

Production Company: Gorgeous

Director: Vince Squib

Additional credits: Production Co. Producer: Josh Barwick

Post-production Company: The Mill

Audio post-production: Gary Turnbull / Grand Central Studios

Published: January 2015

Fold 7: GoGo Power 'Go Compare'

Brand: Go Compare

Title(s): GoGo Power

Agency: Fold 7

Agency website:

Creative Director: Ryan Newey

Creatives: Jez & Wayne

Additional Credits: Agency Producer: Georgia Dickinson

Director: Olly Williams, Another Film Company

Producer: Simon Monhemius

Post: Filament

VFX Supervisor: Hani Al Yousif

Rich Nelson, Minh Nguyen Ba, Penny Shaw

Flame: Hani Al Yousif, Jon Berridge, Ally Burnett, David ‘Skip’ Clifton, Jamie Crofts, Angus Wilson

Motion Graphics: Tim Andrews

DMP: Dave Gibbons

Producer: Laura Roderick

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: The latest GoCompare campaign to hit our screens this week has been post-produced by one of London’s newest facilities. Filament’s fourth GoCompare campaign with Fold7 has proven to be the most ambitious with 78 visual effects (vfx) shots. The 60 second commercial takes us to the LlandofsavingmoneyandgettingtherightdealgogoGoCompare at dawn where the GoCo heroes are preparing for another day of saving the world from inflated insurance and energy bills.

M&C Saatchi: Land Rover ' #Hibernot'

Brand: Land Rover

Title(s): #Hibernot

Agency: M&C Saatchi

Agency website:

Published: December 2014

Innocean Worldwide UK: Kia 'You make us better cars'

Brand: Kia

Title(s): You make us better cars

Agency: Innocean Worldwide UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Dom Sweeney, Jon Crozier

Additional Credits: Planning Director: Michael Herbert

Account Team: Mike Smith, Isabel Benavides, Tim Manners, Fiona McGinley

Agency Producers (c/o Virtual TV Department): Alister Campbell, Emma Smalley

Production Company: Bare Films

Director: Joanna Bailey

EP: Helen Hadfield

Producer: Sue Caldwell

PM: Chris Goulder, Rosie Pike

PA: Inga Fabian

DOP: Ben Smithard

Editor: Melanie Anne Oliver

Edit House: Speade

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: The new creative uses a variety of real life drivers to help launch the new strapline ‘You Make Us Make Better Cars’, with the new TVC being revealed on 7 January 2015 in 60” format. The TV campaign is part of a fully integrated brand enhancement campaign.

The TV commercial features real people that discuss what they want from a car; be it their love of gadgets or a heated seat to what they like to sing when they are driving. The commercial was directed by Joanna Bailey through Bare films.

DewGibbons + Partners & Johnny Fearless: Davidoff Winston Churchill 'Cigars of Character'

Brand: Davidoff Winston Churchill

Title(s): Cigars of Character

Agency: DewGibbons + Partners, London, UK (for positioning, brand identity, and packaging design) and Johnny Fearless, London, UK (for positioning and brand story)

Agency website:

Creative Director: Nick Vaus, DewGibbons + Partners, Paul Domenet, Johnny Fearless

Copywriter: Paul Domenet, Johnny Fearless

Additional credits: Designers: Sachin Kavia and Matt Taylor (both from DewGibbons + Partners)

Emily Mills, DewGibbons + Partners

Published: December 2014

Short rationale: Davidoff’s Winston Churchill Cigars has been relaunched with a new blend and “Cigars of Character” positioning developed by Team Davidoff (branding agency DewGibbons + Partners and ad agency Johnny Fearless). In addition, the brand identity and packaging design were conceived by DewGibbons + Partners, who also provided event design concepts to bring the brand to life at an invitation-only press launch event in New York City.

Davidoff holds the license to manufacture and distribute Winston Churchill branded cigars. Following Davidoff’s review of the blends and formats of these super premium cigars, DewGibbons + Partners’ challenge was to create a brand positioning (alongside Johnny Fearless), then devise an identity and packaging design that are as compelling, complex, and iconic as the man himself – whilst bringing the range more in line with the Davidoff masterbrand.

The Winston Churchill Cigar positioning is all about “Cigars of Character” – a six-strong range of the finest cigars inspired by the iconic aficionado. Capturing the spirit of the man, each cigar celebrates a different aspect of his richly complex character: the aristocrat, the artist, the statesman, the commander, the raconteur, and the traveller. A brand story was also articulated in conjunction with ad agency Johnny Fearless.

J. Walter Thompson London: HSBC 'HSBC Advance social hub'

Brand: HSBC

Title(s): HSBC Advance social hub

Agency: J. Walter Thompson London

Agency website:

Global Creative Director: Axel Chaldecott

Digital Executive Creative Director: Ricardo Figueira

Head of Engagement Planning: Adam Lotz

Creative: Nik Finan

Creative Technologists: Nik Finan

Additional Credits: Executive Producer: David Van Der Gaag

Head of Technology: Chris Imrie

Senior Developer: Tobias Fieldhouse

TV Producer: Carley Reynolds

Planner (creative agency): Rob Alexander

Global Director in Charge: Joseph Petyan

Account Director: Isabel Dunbar

Project Manager: Philip Horton

Media agency: Mindshare

Media planner: Amy Keaney

Director: Jose Gomez

Production company producer: Dom Gomez / Sophie Weldon

Production Company: Rogue Films

Editor: Jose Gomez (Rogue Films)

Sound: Paul Darling

Music: Johnny Yates (Via Rogue Films)

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: HSBC and J. Walter Thompson have unveiled a new social hub ( and their first pieces of long-form documentary content as part of the new global HSBC Advance campaign.

The idea behind the campaign is that we achieve nothing alone – every individual success story has its own supporting cast. The content is designed to appeal to an audience with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and who is determined to succeed. To help unlock the idea of a supporting cast, the documentary films tell six true stories of ambition, giving the featured people a chance to say thank you to those who made it all possible.

These films will live on the social hub. Users can explore stories of support, share their own stories and thank those who have helped them in a unique way. The site also allows them to create and share a bespoke ‘thank you’ film using their own photographs and writing a unique message.

Silk Pearce: The Honeybell Soap Company new product packaging designs

Brand: The Honeybell Soap Company

Title(s): New product packaging designs

Agency: Silk Pearce, Colchester, England

Agency website:

Creative Director: Gail Russell

Art Director: Gail Russell

Illustrator: Robin Dean (

Published: January 2015

Short Rationale: The company’s first new collection of top-selling handmade soaps, hand and body lotions and scented candles is being launched at Top Drawer London.

All products are handmade in England using the finest organic or natural ingredients.

The first phase in the Honeybell rebranding programme includes new wrappers and boxes for nine fragrances of bar soap, labels for bottled products, candle boxes, tissue paper and a generic gift box.

The company’s website and other marketing materials will be revamped in due course.

DDB Canada: Toronto Crime Stoppers 'Cookin’ with Molly'

Brand: Toronto Crime Stoppers

Title: Cookin’ with Molly

Agency: DDB Canada

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Cosmo Campbell

Executive Creative Director: Paul Wallace

Copywriter: Allan Topol

Art Director: Craig Ferguson

Agency Producers: Julia Morris, Lorrie Zwer

Account Director: Carly Sutherland

Senior Social Cultivator: James Ly

Online: Chief Creative Officer: Cosmo Campbell

Executive Creative Director: Paul Wallace

Copywriter: Allan Topol

Art Director: Craig Ferguson

Additional credits: Agency Producers: Julia Morris, Lorrie Zwer

Account Director: Carly Sutherland

Social Media Strategy: James Ly

Media Company: OMD

Production Company: Partners Film

Executive Producer: Gigi Realini

Director: Michael Downing

Director of Photography: Andre Pienaar

Line Producer: Erik Wilson

Editorial Company: Rooster Post Production

Editor: Jeff Poremba

Assistant Editor: Brett Rostrup

Visual Effects: Fort York VFX

Online Editor: Andrew Rolfe, Fort York

Colourist: Cem Ozkilicci, Alter Ego

Audio House: Pirate Radio

Audio House Executive Producer: Joanne Uyeyama

Audio House Producer: Chris Tait

Audio House Engineer: Ian Boddy

Music: Paul Wallace

Photographer: Jake Bundock

Music: Paul Wallace

Casting Agency: Jigsaw Casting

Talent: Jason Jazrawy

Print/ OOH: Chief Creative Officer: Cosmo Campbell

Executive Creative Director: Paul Wallace

Copywriter: Allan Topol

Art Director: Craig Ferguson

Account Director: Carly Sutherland

Print Producer: Julia Morris, Lorrie Zwer

Photographer: Jake Bundock

Retoucher: Jake Bundock

Casting Agency: Jigsaw Casting

Talent: Jason Jazrawy

Media Agency: OMD

Published: January 2015

Short rationale (optional): Toronto Crime Stoppers launched its first public service campaign today that provokes recreational or party drug users to become more vigilant about MDMA, popularly known as ecstasy or Molly. Warning consumers, “Molly is not the drug you think it is,” the new awareness-building initiative features a video, parodying a cooking show, where a drug lab “cook” shares his recipe for Molly laced with methamphetamine and bath salts.

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